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Trey Solberg - Lighting Cameraman

Trey Solberg

Trey Solberg has been working in the production industry for over 20 years.  Entering the professional world with a diverse background in both video and music production, Mr. Solberg has worked on a wide variety of projects including Hooked on Phonics DVD intros with Randy Thomas, Automobile Club member orientation segments, Sammy Hagar “Access Unlimited” and much more.

As the music industry was reaching it’s cyclical plateau, Mr. Solberg transitioned into broadcast and corporate video communications in the early nineteen nineties.  In 1992 he made the crossover complete by starting creative alliances with local industry professionals.

As the 20th century gave way to the 21st he found himself facing a new era in professional and broadcast production – the digital age had finally arrived.  Maximizing on the use of new tools, Mr. Solberg stretched into digital production while maintaining the old school wisdom of analog ingenuity. Trey is the perfect Timeless mix of classic meets cutting edge

Currently, Mr. Solberg specializes in taping and producing promotional and educational pieces with Timeless Entertainment.  He also works with innovative high-tech companies such as; Kubota Tractor Corporation, Memorial Healthcare, Healthnet, Vanquish Motorsports, Yellow Pages Association, OTIS school of Design and Kelly Blue Book.

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